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1. For watches/clocks/jewelry items accepted for repair, the customer will be issued a physical numbered receipt/claim ticket and an approximate time frame, and an estimate for repair will be provided either at the time of acceptance or up to a few days after (depending on the problem).

2. Customers will be notified of the estimate via telephone, email, and/or text message (or immediately in person, if available), and the customer has the responsibility of responding with an approval or non-approval. We are not responsible for the item(s) if the customer does not acknowledge or confirm receipt of the estimate.

3. We do not accept parts provided by the customer for use in the repair of any item. Watch straps/bracelets are the only exceptions.

4. At time of drop-off, a full description of the item will be noted on the receipt/claim ticket. If items are imitations/replicas, a separate “Disclosure Form” must be completed and signed by the customer to acknowledge this.

5. A non-refundable security deposit of half of the cost of all repairs must be paid prior to any work being done.

6. Work will begin immediately once approval and a security deposit have been given by the customer. Cancellations are not accepted. Full payment will still be due.

7. Customers will be notified via telephone, email, and/or text message when the item(s) is ready to be picked up.

8. Customers MUST provide the original numbered receipt/claim ticket issued in order to claim their property. NO EXCEPTIONS.

9. If a person other than the original customer comes to claim an item(s), approval by the original customer must be provided in writing before we can release the item(s). Approval over the phone is not acceptable. The designated individual(s) must also have the original receipt/claim ticket and acceptable identification (driver’s license, state ID, or passport are the only acceptable forms of ID).

10. Items approved for repair will be held for 90 days, and items not approved for repair or not acknowledged by the customer will be held for 30 days before storage charges will be assessed. Storage fees are $1.00 per day for each item left over 30 days from either the date of initial drop-off (if no work done or estimate not acknowledged by customer) or 90 days from date of completion notification (for approved jobs). NO EXCEPTIONS. Pacific In-2 Sta Watch Crystal Co. and its owners and employees are not responsible for items left over the time period.

11. Claims made after the 30 or 90 days will require the original receipt/claim ticket, photo identification (driver’s license, state ID, or passport are the only acceptable forms of ID), and a full description of the item(s).

12. All items MUST be paid in full (including any storage charges) upon pickup. Cash and credit/debit card are the only acceptable forms of payment. If a customer wishes to pay with a card, acceptable photo identification (driver’s license, state ID, or passport only) must be presented.

13. An “Item Claim Form” will be filled out for each item released after 90 days, or if an individual other than the original owner is claiming an item. The form MUST be signed and dated by the customer prior to releasing the item. This is done to protect the customer and their property.

14. Please examine all items carefully before leaving our premises. Any problems noted afterwards will not be honored.

15. We are not responsible for any mishandling of the item(s) once it has left our premises. Any damages to the item(s) after leaving our premises, not limited to accidents and negligence, will automatically void any and all warranties. If a timepiece is opened or repaired by anyone other than Pacific In-2 Sta during the warranty period, the warranty will also be voided.

16. Warranties are only provided for full service repairs. Any warranty repairs do not renew extend the original warranty. Warranties are not transferable to other timepieces or to other people. Any other repairs, not limited to batteries, crystals, straps, sizings, gaskets, and pressure-testing, are not warrantied. There is no warranty or guarantee on any water-resistance of any timepiece.

17. We do not do any work on digital watches or watches with any digital displays. This includes any cosmetic work on the watch.

18. We reserve the right to update our company policies at any time.


Repair Policy: FAQ
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